Knitting through the Seasons of Life

On my morning walks I often imagine my legs are like knitting needles. The rhythmic, scissored, criss-cross of steps create an invisible loop and line all around my neighborhood and surrounding streets. The fact that I have walked these same paths for 13 years is akin to the repetitive daily work of knits and purls which create a beautiful fabric.

What if we could see the fabric of our steps? Would it change the way we experience the daily grind if we knew it was achieving an overall picture of beauty and grace?

Morning walks, though they follow the same pattern every day, continue to enchant me. So does knitting. The subtle changes in and through each season delight the eye as colors shift and diminish; as textures evolve with the changing landscape of yards and fields. These same changes occur in the colors and textures of wools, cottons, linens I choose for knitting and crochet. As I walk on even the hottest or the coldest days, my scissoring legs delight in the movement, carry me through familiar views, allow me to breathe, expand, and return home. The very same can be said of knitting, no matter the season or the weather. 

As I turned another year older, I am grateful for these gifts of walking and knitting. They are a grace in my life that continues to sustain, enchant, offer solace and sanity, and to lead me home. May we continue this daily delightful work of regular stitches and familiar steps, keeping in mind that though we may not see it, something beautiful is being made!


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