Spears & Hooks

It is a constant marvel to me that hard, sharp and hooked objects are the tools I use to create something soft, warm and enveloping. Could I think of the hard and sharp places in my life in the same manner?

Perhaps it is stretching the matter too far, but it encourages me when I consider that many of the difficult, hard-edged circumstances and daily struggles, might just be the tools that are used to make me a softer, kinder person. Or that at least the fabric of my life is being made beautiful by the piercing and hooking of ongoing trials. 

I have known persons for whom difficulties and suffering have made them hard, crusty individuals. I certainly cannot fault them…I have not walked in their shoes, nor experienced the same things they have. Yet it is my constant hope and prayer that my Father is employing His needles and hooks to create in me a soft, yielding, vibrant fabric to my life and heart. I’m trusting that He who began this good work in me will carry it on to completion.

I am hooking my hope into this promise as well: “For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.” 2 Corinthians 4:17 NIV

7 thoughts on “Spears & Hooks

  1. Kathie Stephens says:

    I agree with Jennifer. I find it wonderful to have a knitting website that includes God’s word. It is refreshing. Thank you, Cheryl.


  2. Kathie Stephens says:

    Your site is now my one to follow! The mixture for the love of knitting and scripture is amazing. I would love to meet Ms. Giles. I grew up in Kernersville! Do you have a knitting shop in or around Kernersville?


    • Hi Kathie! I’m glad you like my blog. You may also enjoy my website, jennifer Edwards.com. I teach out of a shop in Winston called Knit One Smock Too. But may I ask…who is Mrs. Giles? All the best to you! -Jennifer Edwards


      • Kathie Stephens says:

        Hi Jennifer. My sister told me the writer of the website was a Ms Giles & lived in K-ville. I may have misread in my excitement! I’ve been to Knit One Smock Two when my mother was alive. I now want to visit my sister in Clemmons & visit the shop!

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      • I’d love to meet you! Do pop in the shop sometime! Im not there all the time, but teach several classes a week. I do live in Kernersville. Happy knitting to you!😊


  3. Not a stretch at all Jennifer. We, as Christians, are doomed to wallow in a bed of shallowness, despair and ingratitude if we don’t constantly examine our lives – our thoughts, our words and our actions/reactions to circumstances that could easily make us hard and crusty.

    Such a regular analysis will (1) open our eyes to the reality that “… all things work together for good, for those who love God …” as we are often tempted to despair in the face of adversity. (2) help to refresh and strengthen our relationship with God, His Son and the Holy Spirit, which will ultimately help to deepen our faith, reconstitute and strengthen our obedience to Biblical commands and precepts, and refresh our relationships with fellow believers.

    In so doing, we leave little time and space to dwell on and despair over the hard and sharp circumstances in our lives. Instead, we will be quick to acknowledge God’s sovereignty in our daily lives and lean upon Him for grace to deal with painful, unhappy and life-changing circumstances, which transforms us from hard and crusty into soft, pliable, grateful and compassionate individuals.

    God in His divine wisdom fashions, prunes, equips, leads and guides us to do His Holy will, live our divine purpose with love and compassion and affect the lives of others in positive ways.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiring me to think more deeply about how I should think about and respond to the “hard and sharp” circumstances in my daily life.

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