Advent Shawl CAL: Week 5 & Edging

I am sincerely hopeful that you have been enjoying this crocheted Shawl or Blanket, whichever you have chosen to work on. It has been an eventful Advent season for me, full of rich highs (a very magical and snowy weekend spent up in the mountains with my parents and my daughter as we volunteered with Operation Christmas Child) and significant lows (the death of a very dear life-long friend). I am now facing the final week of Advent a bit behind on what I had hoped to have accomplished by now, but also filled with gratitude for the life I’ve been given, for the everyday wonders that God plants along my ordinary path. I am planning on taking the to-do list slowly and joyfully. I wish the same for you dear friend.

I do not have a Reflection for you this week, other than a special note on the stitch patterns chosen for this final installment of the pattern. As in weeks past, I have endeavored to choose stitch patterns that reflect something of the subject for that week’s Advent Candle theme. This final Advent Candle represents the Christ Candle. And so I chose a Crossed Stitch pattern to work for this fifth section of the Shawl. It looks like an X, separated by a dc in between each of the X’s across the row.

Click HERE to download the final installment of instructions for the Advent Shawl.

It has always amused me when folks get really upset about substituting X for Christ in the word Christmas. The first Greek letter Β in the word for Christ, Β “chi”, looks exactly like an X. This X has traditionally been thought of as a shorthand symbol for the name of Christ. Read here for a wonderful explanation.

Around the edge of the Shawl, I have created a simple stitch pattern that replicates what might be around the top edge of a King’s Crown. I wanted a stitch pattern encircling the entire Advent Shawl to represent the King who has come to us as a babe in a manger. He is our all. He encircles and envelopes us in His divinity, His protection, His love and care.

May you be encircled, wrapped in His presence and presents this holiday season and on into the New Year! May your stitches bring comfort and a reminder of His daily work, stitch by stitch, to make you into the image of His dear Son, who came to us many years ago as a Babe and who now comes to us in many ways, daily, humbly and with great Love.

With grace in every stitch,